Friday, February 18, 2011

Jumping the Pond

So I just returned from an international trip. And the trip was brilliant but ... I have one thing to cry about. I was trapped in the middle seat for a six hour flight. Plus, I'm not a little person. All of these things are not ideal. But there was more ...

Seating on the right of me, was a elderly India man. Not a problem expect for the fact that when he was sleeping he put his head on my shoulder. OK... not good. I tried to get him off me. I shook and shook. Because I was raised with this idea of respect your elders... I was not able to bring myself to confront him by waking him up by poke him in the forehead to get off me. It got worst. Because he was asleep he was invading my space. Then he started playing footie with me. YES... a grown ass man, played footies with me. He was rubbing his toes against the back of heel of my foot. I would nudge him when he would stop. He would stop and then start up again. I was inappropriately touched by elderly man in a cross Atlantic flight.

I wanted to up this in my compliant box of my airline.
" A man inappropriately was touching me with this feet, rubbing his toes against the heel of my foot. I feel dirty. I feel used. This is not the way to travel internationally. "


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