Friday, March 09, 2012

Don't feed the ...

In this election cycle the poor and the state of being poor has been getting some national attention. This article was discussed on BlackingItUp. I am in line with the BlackingItup crew with their stance on the GOP brand of social justice. Simply, it sucks and is incomplete.  I think the GOP stance can be summed up as, we are about the money, what the fuck is a safety net.

But I'm posting this because I was faced with this question several hours after I heard the show. On my commute home, at a stop light, I'm greeted by a panhandler. Do I feed the poor ... with the change that is looking at me in my cup holder. OR IGNORE and wait for the light to change.

We have all been in this situation. And we all have made this choice. Some of us, have an internal  policy about this..

The choice I made in that moment was in line with the GOP line of social justice....

I have been pondering if that is a fair comparison? Was my choice no different then want the GOP has put out there.


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