Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's be ...

"Racial hostility, homophobia and misogyny are braided together like strands of the same rope. When we fight one, we fight them all." -- Charles M. Blow

I love sediment here. But couldn't we simplify it by saying,  if you fight against any injustice, you fight against them all?

I guess I know why it is not phrased like that. Most likely I'm in the minority that believe.  Maybe it is to naive to believe that all injustice share the same root. Maybe only racism, homophobia and sexism have a common root. 

Isn't injustice, simply ... the lack of fairness based on traits and/or facts that should not lead any responsible person to believe someone is less human, less deserving or less equal.

Let's be for fairness ... Let's be for justice ... Let's be for each other.


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