Monday, July 01, 2013

Me and the Man of Steel

On Sunday morning,  en route to see some friend that has come from out of town. A woman stops me frantic.  She tells me that she is locked out of her client's house. She explains that he is a nurse's aid. Her client, my neighbor does not have use of her legs and she is sitting in the bath. She did not have a her phone with her. She only been working on this job for 2 days so not understanding that the door to the apartment automatically lock behind you.  So we walk around to see if we can climb to window so she can get back in. We didn't see a way. I called to the police because I don't know this woman. But the first 911 operator suggested that we look for someone that might have a key to the apartment. Because all they could do is break the door down.Called the grounds keeper. His phone was off got his machine and tried to get the emergency number for the apartment building. The nursing aid and when to check the door, we could hear her screaming for help. Dialed 911, they sent the firemen. They crow barred the door. Find the woman inside fine but just scared.

I saw the new movie "Man of Steel" later that day.  It made me reflect on my experience earlier in the day. Reflect of the Superman tales that I was raised with. Happy that I stopped to help that woman in need. Maybe helping that woman was a brief moment in the sun for me, just like the man of steel.


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