Monday, April 24, 2006

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

A weekend in the middle of the week

It has been a week. I felt I had my weekend in the middle of the week. I was at the Blackalicious show on Tuesday. It was good. But I think that one of his opening acts had more energy and stage presence that Blackalicious did. The group was the Lifesavas. I have not heard of these guys before but they worked the crowd. They had good energy, and there flow was not bad. Blackalicious musically did not seem well suited for a live show. It seems to me that he needs a studio to truly appreciate there gift of gab. The Gift's flow is so fast that he seemed to get washed out in the live show. There was one opener... that was hip hop meets and marries a Broadway act. This performers name is Pigeon John. He hails from LA. But I have to admit, his act reminds me of a Mr. Farnsworthy Bentley. Back in 2003, one would see Mr. Bently as Diddy's assistant. That was Tuesday, day one of the weekend.

Wednesday was good. I had three places to be that night. The first one was with some of the ladies in my office. Some of them thought it would be a good idea that some of us on the floor get together for a couple of drinks after work. It seems to me that one of the ladies on the floor is looking to start a little "trouble." I have caught her eyeing me in the hallway and she has started to be a little flirty with me. But ok... these things are not crimes. The combination of me, this girl from work, and dollar drink specials is a combination that one should be wary of. The drinks after work go without a problem. This could be because one of my co-workers acted as a buffer. But I had to leave early because I had to meet a friend at No.9 Park, one of the nicest restaurants in all of Boston. On the way out, my co-worker that was acting as a buffer, asked about where I was drinking later that night. I told him were and what time I was going to be there. The girl that I think is trying to cause trouble asked me, if she could come too. I told her that she could come thinking that she will not show. I head off to dinner with my friend from Denver. No.9 Park is worth every penny that they charge you. It was the best dining experience I had in Boston. The only place that I have had better was in Paris, on the Eiffel tower. We had the nine course tasting menu with the wine pairings. It was a three hour meal. Because of the long meal at the restaurant I missed my drinks with my friends. But this is the interesting part, the girl from work showed at the bar I was supposed to be at. Which I have to admit her intentions have me curious; it seems to me that she aims to misbehave.