Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DJSpeaks... "Love the way you Lie"

So Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie", is doing well this summer and is a solid hit for him and Rihanna. The song subject matter ties into their personal lives. There have been some critic's of the song and the video of it because it intermingles love and abuse. Love and craziness... of what it can be like to be in that type of relationship. In one frame to the next, you see lovers and then you see combatants.

But I can think of story with myself. I'm not the hero in the story. I'm not sure that I'm the villain either. But it is not does not show me in the best of light, but I'll tell this story.

M and I are no longer together, nor do I think this story played a part on why we spilt. If you are interested in that story, it’s in the earlier post. It was early in our relationship. But there was heat between M and I. She liked to test the boundaries with me. She did this in all sorts of ways. And she was a little destructive in her personal life. She tested them one night.
We were out drinking with friends at bar near her place. She lived about 5 minutes walk out Harvard Square. It was late. It was time to go. M tells me that she had to go to the bathroom before we walk out because hell, we have been drinking. Me, being the good boyfriend that I am waits patiently for her to return. I wait … and I wait. And out of the corner of my eye I see M talk to some guy. I start making my way over across the crowd room. I get there. The guy stops talking and M’s face had the must guilty look on it. I yoked her out of the club. At the front club in Harvard Square, I’m yelling at her. “M what the fuck!! What the fuck!!” I shook her. I shook her hard. She is crying trying to explain. What is there to explain, she was trying to get with this other guy or this other guy was trying to get with her and she was receptive. We were screaming, yelling in the front of the club. We were screaming, yelling and crying at her apartment. After all that… we made up like all young couples do. When words can’t sooth you and you need to be reassured of the strength of our relationship, we found comfort our touch and with our bodies.

Here we are years later, after the relationship… This is the only time the thought of striking a woman crossed my mind, a less man would have hit her. I shook her. Was I wrong? Did commit the same sin as Eminem? Did we not play out the cycle that was shown in that video, from combatants to lovers?

Years, later I still don’t now I to feel about that story…