Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fiction: Femi..

It wasn't his failure but somehow it was his responiblity.

Walking in to this location was not Femi's first option. Walking in knowing what he knows is simply dangerous. He has people to protect: two daugthers and two sons. What if this thing goes sideways.

Femi does an equiment check.
knife. check.
rope. check.
gun. check.
40 thousands dollars in cash
80 thousand in pounds check.
100 thousand in hong kong dollars

He knows that Brother Ade is going to be there. People just call him the Oga of Ogas. It is unclear how Brother Ade amassed his wealth. So people say that he made his money in the East. They say he was the man that they oil companies would call if they need landed to clear of the people for it's oil lines. Cleared of people that is. Other people say that is traffiking girls from north. Making them do unspeakable things in dark rooms with men that are willing to unleash their dark passion from there dark souls. But truth be told many things are said, no ones know which are true and which are stories. But Femi know this, he can walk in and he may not walk out.

Doing business in the middle of an African night, no one will find till morning. Because unlike what Femi grew up with, street lights at every corner, a corner store not being to far off. In the streets of Lagos, that is simply not the case. The moment his car light turned off. It was black. Pitch black.

He walks to gate. But there is no security out front. No seccurity behind the gate. The gate is ajar. No light on the buliding. He thought it would be motion detection lights but still pitch black. He makes it to the door in eerie silient. He walks thru masion having to turn on lights. No one there. He makes his way upstairs. He finds the Oga's office. But on the chair, he finds a box. On the box it says "Play me". He see an ipod docked with a speaker set. He plays it...
Oga... your time has come.
I believe I'm doing God's works by wiping you off
the planet.
For your heart is inked black.
For your soul is to corrupt.

To save thousands more and avenge the thousands more you have taken
I will guide you to St. Peter.... he can judge you.

God speed. Oga!

Femi is opens the box and see a bomb. FUCK!! 58 seconds till it blows. He looks across the office and thru the window he see a palm tree next to the house. He runs full speed to crash thru the window. Because hell that always works in movie. Femi crashes into the window and bounces back and falls on this ass. Femi know thats this is his only way not. He back up, pulls out his gun and shoot the window several times. He tries again. This time he land on the palm tree. He is have trouble holding on. He is slippig down the town. And then the bombs goes off... and then he on this back on the ground... what the hell???

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ken and Barbie

I know that what I want. I know what I have to do get. But it's against my nature to do what I have to do ... to have it. I want to love the girl... but I know it is best just to love the moments. The question is... do I want the girl.. or do i want a girl. I know that is it only an article that separates them... "a" versus "the". For "the" girl is replaceable and interchangeable but the "a" girl may not be."The" girl is the girl Barbie, a woman that all your boys see, and give you that dap with a quick glance at you, and then their eyes quickly track to her behind. And it's easy, sort of, to get her. Because all you have to do is be a Ken. Ken is only charming in short periods of time. He is aloof because Barbie is not his only interest. He makes her, Barbie that is, compete for his attention. She thinks that she hates this about him, but in secret this is what is keeping her around. For in a life a woman test seems to be what she can control,own and show off as material. Ken is no different, just a little bit more interesting, to control. And the second that Ken let that happens, Barbie wins and they are done. "A" girl is not a Barbie. She seems to be with you for because she believe the two of you and be a unit; can be like one heart beat in two bodies. "A" girl and "the" girl both believe in love. Love just means two different things to them.

The question for me is... do I want to be a Ken?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

HBO and there No. 1 Ladies'

OK. It is a known fact that HBO puts out quality programming. But I have to tip my hat to them with the series "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency". This one of the few examples that I can think of that a western media(movie/television) outlet is telling a story in Africa about Africans with the lack of traditional western African stereotypes. The western media did have a long history of using Africa as an exotic location to tell stories of western people. This series is another example of this mode of thinking dying.

Besides the show, the stories, the acting, and the production being first rate. I like that it will give people a sense of modern day African life. When I was young and when I would tell my schoolmates that I was African. I remember some of them would as me... so how did you get here. Me being only in grade school, I would say that my father paddled us here across the Atlantic Ocean and had to fight off sharks. I would say my father is very strong. Many of them would believe me. For them, the idea that I come in a plane was unfathomable until I put the thought in there mind.

I dont think young American childern have that old silly thought on Africa in there head an more.

Groove of Life

On a daily basis, we come up against what we want, what we need and what we wish for. We choose moment to moment what our lives will be. How it will be shaped. Who will shape it. But at time, no, most of the time does it not feel like these choices have been made. There is a groove to life and we have a choice to buck it or follow it. The funny thing is that at any moment you can choose to follow the grove or buck: love the grove of life or fuck the grove of life.

Sometime it is not clear what you are choose. You think that what you are doing is novel or at least it is the right thing for you. But when you turn there, there is someone doing what you are doing or doing what you plan to do. And then somewhere, somehow, or even not in your conscious mind, you think is this what I want.

There have been few times when that the answer has been clear. What fuck should I do when it is not??

This is part of the reason I have faith. Faith in what I'm doing, what I'm choosing is the right and/or best thing for me.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Good moments in bad places

I know that she is not a good girl. I know she is not a good girl for me. But there was something...

No one that knows her would describe her as sweet girl. She does not give you that warm feeling. But I can say this...

She kissed me sweetly... In that moment when we shared breath, I think I tasted a bit of her soul. I know that it sounds silly. Maybe it is silly, but there was something there. Something more that my lips touching hers.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

From the liner of my notebook...

I believed in the many loves...
unitl I met One.
And now
it is hard to believe
that I'll met another love.

Air France

I know that I'm being childish... but I can't help but think of LOST and Oceanic Flight 815. A very very silly part of my brain is queiting thinking... it's real. How did the the JJ Abrams know???

Then the rational part of me feeling gulity that I had that silly thought.

Bad Djspeak!