Wednesday, January 06, 2010

3 Leffes in

I looked for answers at the bottom of my beer glass... All that I found was a empty beer glass that looks like it is covered in soap scum

I looked to excitement ... All I found was plane and a man that pushed me out at 1500 feet above the ground.

I looked for love... So I turned to several electronic match makers ... All I found was awkward moments. With strange message being passed to and fro.

I looked for riches... All I found was a job that helps others pad there pockets.

I looked for responsibility .. So I got a mortgage... Now I get bent over every month. But I do have a smile on my face.

I looked for human contact .. All that was found was text messages in black and white.

I looked for intimacy ... All that was found were women that offered there bodies but our souls always failed to meet.

But I'm still seating here looking for meaning. .. And dare not ask for my fourth Leffe...