Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have seen Reckless

I went to the opening on this past Friday night. It was the first time I was at the SpeakEasy productions. The show was good. The set design to clever and used well by the actors.

Although it was slow in the middle, I enjoyed the play. It was one the plays that had to pause to think about it I liked it our not. I think that it was the mood changes in the play that I was not ready for. But I see and understand why they were so important in this version of Reckless.

If you don't have plans to see... Change them... And see it.

You'll like it, I promise.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Prayed for!!

We stood in a circle
my mother was there
my father was there
my sister was there
my uncle was there
my aunt was there
my nephews were there

We bend our necks, closed our eyes, lowered our heads
And my Grandmother spoke...

But in these next few minutes... I knew what was said.
Not because I was able to parse the words ...

Our mother tongues are different... she spoke in her tongue.
And in this language,
I can only greet you,
and may be ask if you would like more Tea

But I could feel her pleading with God...
Making her case on why the Lord should shower me with his blessing.

I felt what hopes she has for me...
I felt what dreams she has for me...
I felt the love that she has for me...

In this moment I remembered that
I'm a living moment for all those that came before
and I will be template for those follow.

In that moment... although I do not speak... I understood.

Maybe a prayer was answered.

Nothing to say....

Have you have had those spells... where you believe that your voice is gone? These spells seems to be long the older I get. And when I do have something to say... it does seem to have the same punch as it did in my yesteryears.

I think the things that are on my brain are least interesting to the world... but rather personal to me. As if, some of my thoughts are not personal. I'm thinking about mortgage, career advancement, my image and will my friends children survive the protection that my friends have put up around them.

I miss thoughts about the purpose, the quest, the pain of love.... I seem to have made up my mind of what it is for. And what role love will play in my life.

I miss my thoughts about the purpose, the utility and the nature of violences.... I seem to have made up my mind on that

I miss my thoughts on what is to be good, in this world, in country and within me ... I seem to have made up mind on that

I miss my thoughts on the nature of politics, tho I'm young, it seems like I have seen those seemly pointless endeavors.

So, I sit quietly, listening to people younger that me ... ask the questions that I once asked of myself. Seeing if the answers that they come up with; comfort them, anger them and sometime beat them.

For I have nothing to say....