Monday, May 14, 2007


Shit... You can always tell when my ass is single... this is the crab that I start writing in the margin of my notebooks. It is funny that it is the margin of my notebook, 'cause it is not on the margin of my thoughts. When I had to escape from a boring meeting my minded wandered to this.

She told me that i do not how to love.
I told her that I once knew. Show me, she says.
I paused... I thought, then I realized that I had forgotten.
She asked me to come closer and she will help me remember.
I took a step forward and something was coming back.
Remembering craving to be in your loves presence.
The times when you wake in the middle of night,
and you pull her a little closer, thinking that life is good.
Being her personal teddy bear.
Then I stopped, because I remembered the pain.
I told her that this is going to end badly.
It might, she replies. She continued... but it may not end.

How can I move forward,
if I believe it is just in the same place where all that pain will be?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thinking about advertising

I feel like I'm on a fear factor type of show with the host standing over me saying; "You have 60 seconds to convince me that I should drop my panties for you, let down my emotional defense system and know I can bring you around my friends without you being a fool." My response would be me staring blankly for the first 20 seconds saying, "AH... AH". I know what I want to say... the question is how.

Wish I could say...

I want to be bewitched by my ideal woman. Bewitched because she has to capture all of my senses and render them useless. Mind, body & soul in unison saying, "YES", this is the woman for you. Think back to one of the old cartoons, Tex Avery, his heart would jump out of his chest, his eyes would sketch -- so he take it all in and his body would tilt at a 45 degree angle; that is what I want to feel. Do you think you can charm me... bewitch me... cast a spell on me. If you can do that... all of your others details are not relevant. If you are this woman, press the reply button.

The tame version...

Hi... This is the part of the profile that I string together a list of adjectives like..generous, caring, adventurous, easy-going,etc. It's true that I'm those things. And I would love to find those qualities with someone, and maybe we can spend summer evenings hanging out. Be it at Walden pond with a full moon, or a great spot that overlooks the city were we can use the stars as our own private light show. But let me tell a story from my younger days...

Back in the day, I loved Eddie Murphy. I saw Coming to America and loved it. (who doesn't???) A couple of years later I was in 8th grade. I asked just about every girl in my 8th grade class to marry me. I told them I had to get married before my 15th birthday, otherwise I would lose my right to my throne in Nigeria. I promised them riches and comfort. I told them I could make them a Queen. I don't know why I did this...but it was fun and funny. I loved seeings the look or their faces. You can see the thought,"Is he serious???". And they would always smile, no matter what their response was. Some of the girls asked me to call their parents because their parents did not believe them when they told them. I got some yeses... And I talked to a couple of fathers. You would get down with a prince, right? :) Many things changes but some things remain the same.

"Go on honey, do it", reply...

So... How did I do?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Generally not my Speed... But

I met Emily White this past Wednesday night. She is friend of friend type thing. But the bottom like is that I loved her show. It was in an intimate setting, Toad bar in Cambridge. I was feeling her that night so, I got the album -- You should check her out.!

She maybe at a party I'm going to Saturday. (nice!) I think she is cute(ok...) I don't think she is into dudes...[:( ]

To Match or Not to Match

Internet dating is the norm these days. It seems like everyone does it. The Internet has produced tons of weddings & seems to be a pretty good cupid. But I can't bring myself to start a profile on Match or something like Match. I think that and it's friends, maybe killing romance. The problem with virtual romance is that ... it's virtual. Virtual, by definition is 'false', right?

Maybe I'm rebelling against the idea of Match because I know that djspeak does not represent me. A written profile is not the best way to get a sense of me. And for me, all profiles, would ring false. If not false, not highlighting my stronger talents. But this is evident when I try to send a simple email to a woman that I have not seen in a bit.

But it's also has me a bit curious. For the nature of first impression are different, for in the way that one seeks a partner. Is it reasonable to wonder if people will lost the ability to 'kick game', 'chat up' a potential partner in person? And if this art is lost... what else are we losing with it?