Thursday, November 22, 2007

sex, public sharing and insecurities of those who tell them

It seems like the general knowledge that people that share sexual experience in public, like a bar with a group of friends, are more likely than not to be share not only the experience of sex but also sharing there insecurities. To grab attention in this matter, some believe this a cheap way to be a center of attention.

Yes, it is sensational. Yes, it is a attention getting. It's an "easy" way to connect other another person. But connecting to other people is not always easy. When you are in a big group and/or a new group we generally limited to shared experiences. This is very "base". To reach the most people, you have to go to the lowest common denominator. Sex is clearly one of them. This is why when you go and see a comedian more often than not they talk about sex in some part of there show. We all understand something about sex. And to share this experience, not only to another person but group... shows courage??

Is it possible in the mist of talking about how you physically connected with another person, you may connect in non physical way with the person you are sharing your experience with. People seem to in general have trouble talking about higher ideas and concepts. But details,everyday-ness and things that are base come easily to most of us. For questions like...
Who are you?
What is your purpose?
Are you happy?
How do you deal with idea that the people that made you, will leave you...
Do people really like me for me?
Am I worthy of being loved?
We can't ask people those types of questions. We can't ask those questions to new people in our life. But I can trivia thing... details and people are ok with that.
Where did you go to school?
Where are you from?
What's your favorite food?
Do you have siblings?
We can all ask these types of questions to one another. Without weirdness, without being social awkward details and trivia matters are generally the conversation of the day. For me, it is how one has those everyday conversations with another person that reflects on the security of how they relate to one another.

But sex is different. It is very intimate. It's very personal. It has crossed over in way, because it something very private but it can asked about in a group. You can be playful about it. You can be defensive about.

Sex is that question that you can get a quick looking into the private of life of those who choose to answer. So, I say... share if you can. And if you can't...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

To Old to believe in Monsters….

Yeah, I think I do believe in monsters. I know the month for that just pasted. Maybe that is why it is on the brain for me. I know that these type of believes are reserved for younger people; children. But when I think about it… I’ve seen them and there effects.

I have seen a man’s soul sucked dry. True, I have not seen the bite marks on there neck. But I’ve seen the bite marks in there life. I’ve seen them walk around, as a former shell of people they once were. That’s the mark of a Vampire. I’m sure that you have seen this too.

Do you not know that person that can’t control themselves? That person that is running to destroy themselves and/or there life. They seem like they have a beast inside them. They always have a trigger. For them, that trigger can’t be avoided. I have not seen a Werewolf. But I’ve seen tons of people wrestling with an inner beast.

I have not seen a Banshee before. But when I was volunteering in my local hospital when I was a teenager, I remember the deafen cry a mother made when she lost her child. Her cry for a moment seemed to tear a hole in our world like she was attempting to call her child back to the place where she could not follow.

Maybe this lesson came too slowly for me. For I understand that there is evil in the world. I understand that bad things happen to everyone. At times bad becomes evils, because no other moral rational way to understand some events in our world. So, I’ll say it again… I believe in monsters. I think you should too.