Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Michelle Obama: The new Claire Huxtable

Most men that I know, are on a personal mission, a quest to find there Claire Huxtable. I'm not the only one.... TAN has made the same observation. Clair Huxtable is a prefect balance of beauty, grace and intelligence. Mrs. Huxtable was/is fictional. But that is no longer the case. Claire Huxtable is real, she is Michelle Obama.

I can see if now... hundreds of educated black men jealous that Barrack was successful in this quest. Claire Huxtable is no longer a fictional ideal, fictional dream. Barrack has give me, and I imagine some other men like me hope. And this is not the hope that he has been talking about on the campaign trail. Barrack is saying..."Ok, Boys I have found my Claire, a Mrs. Huxtable ... and your quest is not in vain".

It is the counterpoint to some of the black media, specifically black movies that escape goat black males; Movies like Something New, and Waiting to Exhale. I agree with there message that a black man is not only type of man that can make you happy. But often these movies seem to imply that hoping for one is feudal. The Obama's are that counterpoint. Michelle and Barrack’s quest was not feudal. Hope is great but proof is infinitely better.

With this proof… I’ll solider on…