Friday, January 19, 2007

Eavesdropping about Mr. Obama

A couple of Wednesday nights ago, I was stood-up by most of my friends. So,I was waiting for one of my friends that I knew that was coming late. As I waited, I sat in the middle of two tables. The first table was a pair of early thirties white men and the other table was a couple of late twenties white women. What I overheard was interesting conversations or at least to me.

I was eavesdropping on the two men talking about Obama. They were talking about this possible (likely) candidacy. Me being an African-American I often feel like that I do not gt a genuine response from my Caucasian friends. It's not that I don't believe what they are saying in regards to race. It is that I believe my presence influences what they say and how they say it. That is why this eavesdropping was interesting to me. Two white men talking about race were my presence was not factor.

These men talked about how he was half white and that my save him from the racist. They continued to talk about the hope that he represents for the country. They were in love with the idea of Mr. Obama as Mr. President.

For me, this mostly shows something about my believes. I was shocked to hear this talk from them the people that I heard it from. Because I believe that America is not ready for an African-American president. But I would be happy to be wrong about that.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Deval Patrick's Massachusetts

OK.... I have to admit. I was one of those silly people that believed that the day Mr. Patrick took office the streets of Massachusetts would magically change overnight.

I thought:
  • Black families would move to the state the very next day.
  • Boston would intergrate and mix ... No longer the white's in the north and everyone else in the south
  • Universal Health care would be magically implemented
  • Gay Marriage would be truly be a gay affair
  • THE BIG DIG would not cause any more problems
  • Massachusetts would become the friendiest state in the Union

The only thing that changed is that Deval Patrick became the first black governor of Mass. I guess that is pretty magical.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What if you are not that into her...

First, let preface this by saying that it has been pointed out to me that I warm up to my relationships with women slowly. I'm the type of guy that will pick apart someone I'm invovled with so, I guess, I do not have to be emotionally intimate with them. All this I know.

Is the absence of pain, pleasure? What about the absence of evil, good? Is the absence of sadness, happiness? Maybe if it is not wrong, then it is right...right? I think that this what I'm facing in my relationship. Currently,nothing is bad, therefore everything is good... I think? She is a sweet girl, kind and very cute. But I think that I'm not as excited as I'm suppose to be.

Maybe I'm scared. The last relationship left me a little crispy. That could easily explain, why I'm not that excited. I'm just being a punk. I'm not willing to swim in the deep end. But I don't want that woman, the ex, to have that power over me.

I don't want to punish my girlfriend for not being her. ( the ex that is) Because she is not, and I know it would be, it is, foolish to compare the two. But am I simply rewarding my girlfriend for not being her.

Me and my girlfriend are not broken, so why do I have thoughts of ending it. Clearly, I'm not feeling right but she is not clearly wrong for me.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

And I thought that all heros are in Fiction.

I questioned if there were real heros. And I now that they are everywhere... our people in fire departments, our men and women in the armed services. They are sometimes the man that is standing next to you.

NYC a man jumps the aid of a man that has fallen on the tracks. He covers the two of them so they will not be hurt.

He is a big F-ing Hero!

The link to the story: