Friday, December 21, 2007

Dear Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

I know that is a little late. And I'm too old to believe in you but I've decided to make a list anyway. I'm going to check it twice. I've been a very good man this year. Granted most of the "things" on the list are not tangible but that does not mean they are not important or they would not affect me and the people in my life. I know that most of your requests are tangible like, model cars, video games, and other crap that kids want these days. So, if this is not in your area of abilities, please feel free to give my request to your boss.

The list( in no relevant order)

  1. Clear the mind of those whose feels for me are unclear. And let those feels good or bad be clearly reflected in there words and there actions.
  2. Grant me the courage not only to now the way but to walk it as well.
  3. Let me able to please those who has put some of there joy in my hands. Please let me be a generator for what they put in, and return that joy many folds over.
  4. Help me not to be so stubborn and prideful. Sometimes good guys lose.

Thanks Santa, ah... Mr. Claus and Merry Christmas


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lost in Dance

Ok... I'm guilty.
I can't dance salsa, but
I cant question the excitement
I have when she is in arms
I wonder if she can feel my excitement
I wish when she touches my hand all my feels are communicated
When I hold her, and my hand is on the small of her back,
wish I could know her feeling

But I cant let it take over.
Because if I did...
where would be no room for...
left right left
right left right
fast fast slow
And if that gets to far from my mind
I'll a make scene,
worst I'll get on her toes

Salsa, and it's hazards
her eyes
her playful smile
and my heart that is beating just a little too fast

But I have to admit, my favorite dance floor for two of us, is her kitchen floor
away from prying eyes
a place where I can giggle at my missteps
if there is place that I can get lost
with her presence, it's there

Left, right, left...
shit, what's next???

Monday, December 10, 2007


by SJBequeath --flickr

You know when you have to say something... to that person. That new person, that you just started to feel something for. But you can't because it's too new. It's not even new... because there's no "it" yet. But you hope that there will be an "us". But before then... we bite our tongues. To much feelings, to soon... is going to set off a the pysho flags. And the hopes of "us" will be lost, because you couldn't hold your emotions to your chest.

I can't tell her... so I'll tell you.

You can't admit early on
that you had a daydream about her

You can't admit
that you pictured her climbing on you
and giving you a kiss

You can't admit that
you are intoxicated
by her wilds

You can't tell her
that you would consider bartering
with a demon and/or an angel
If they promised your affections

We won't admit... We won't tell.