Sunday, April 29, 2007

What to write to her...

I want write this woman that I met about 6 months ago. I have no reason to contact her... Other than, I'm interested, interested in learning a bit more about her. Plus, I think she is crazy cute. So... What should this email look like?

Hi [Girl in Question]
It has been sometime since I have had a chance to [hang out with you??] [ talk to you??] [see you??] [ah... shit... what to say???]. How are you? I trust that all is well.
<<"djspeak thoughts"> > this is the place that I have to interest something witty and cute. So that later in the email I can suggest that we should get together <<"/djspeak thoughts">>
<<"witty take1">> Did you know, that is Ancient Egyptian time that black was a symbol for fertility. The originals of this meaning is because the Nile would overflow in the beginning of harvest season and the banks would provide the best soil because when the river receded the soil was rich with nutrients. The foil was black. [ not witty.... I think mostly nerdy] <<"/witty">>
<<"witty take2">> You know that there is a high correlation between people that are depressed and with high IQ. Some think that this sugguests that people that are very smart understand the world for what it is and therefore are depressed. [hmmm.... no.... depressing] <<"/witty">>
<<"witty take3">>I have not say this since fifth grade but.... Do you think that I'm cute....

... You know that you want to pick yes...
[cheesy....:) ]
<<"djspeak thought">>It seems that I'm not witty nor cute.... what to do... what to do? I guess I should get to the purpose of this note<<"/djspeak">>

I just wanted to reach out(?is reach out a bad choice in words?) to you because the last time I hung out with you, I laughed my ass off. So I would like to return that favor. Or at least buy you a drink of some sorts. Perhaps something with caffeine or if you up for it, I can get you a something that has alcohol in it.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

She said Pee NUS

Like the lady said, work the middle!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nothing wrong with being a Type B....

A couple of years ago I was telling people but a home spawn theory about boys, girls and the game. It is not the best theory that I have come up with. But it is based on some of the observations that I have seen, from people that I have dated, the people some of the friends have dated. This theory is based on how to juggle multiple women. I know.... I know not the most enlightening theory these days. But it is something men at some point in there life think about. Mind you, this is a theory that has it origins of this theory is from my college days. in Some men can do it with ease, most men wish that was the way of there life. Let me run down the basic theory for you.

If you are looking to juggle multiple women, one can only have one type B female and numerous type A females. So, what are type A females? Type A females are the women that are very career focus, not very warm, you as the male are only there to serve a purpose. They do not care about you, they may pretend to do so, because they are "meant" to because they are having a physically relationship with you. They are generally very self-centered. Type B women genuinely care about you. They want to have a relationship, they want to be your emotional outlet. They call you all the time. They want to know where you are. A Type B woman want to have your child, if that become an option between the two of you.

A friend of my a couple years ago, heard me example this theory. She once told me that she wants to be a Type A woman. She believes that they Type B woman is a wimp and asking to get hurt. Of course she tells me this after several drinks, but she thinks in her hearts of hearts that she is a type B woman. And this I say, B is the place to be.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What if Obama wins....

I'm concerned. America's racial landscape is becoming increasing more complex. That is not to say that it was simple before. I think that people will think that the end of racial equalities will come because a black man lands in the White House. Obama wins.... I'm scared that they sub-title will be that America has now overcome it's racist past. American racism dyes with Obama's win. Or at least that is what the American public may think.

This past weekend we learned that Obama is a fundraising machine. He was only 1 million dollars behind the war machine of the Clinton's. But it is a complex time because I'm have trouble rectifying Obama for President when you see, Imus with this radio comments, Michael Richard racist act as KKKramer and the Sean Bell case of New York. Let's not think of the Hurricane that swallowed New Orleans and how that fits in a post-Obama world. There's some serious cognitive dissonance in the American psyche around this.

So, when people ask why I'm cautious about Obama because I do not think America is ready. Look at the news, and you can see why I think America may not be ready.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I broke it

This pass Saturday, I broke up with the woman that I have been dating for the past 8 months. The main impetus for this that I started to sense that our level of attraction between two of us were on two different levels. She is a very introverted person. I was not sure if she was that into me. But I have been getting, signals that this is not the case. I have been keeping her at arm length, emotional that is, for my reasons. She was not keeping me at arms length, so the relationship, could not remain.

It is either both are serious or both are at play. It cant be one and one. I was the joker out of the two of us.