Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Question I was asked....

Would you rather........
Be thought of as a bumbling, incompetent fool by everyone you work with
as sexually inadequate by everyone you sleep with?

It is a fair question... At it's core I think that are a couple of things one would have to weight to answer the question...

1. Money vs. pleasing your lover
2. Pleasing the public vs. pleasing people in your private life.

On these two issues,I'm split on how I would weigh in. With the first issue I would pick money over sexual gratification of my partner. But I would rather please people in my private life over the people in public life.

For one, with sexual gratification one can be instructed on how to be a better lover. There are drugs and pumps etc... And sexual gratification is a big part of a relationship but money can ensure that you would be able take of all of there other needs.Perhaps my gender is strongly influencing my answer. But being an dumb ass at the job, comes with several big headaches. You will not advance. You will not be paid well for your efforts. You may have trouble holding a job. Like that song in the 80's said... you have to have a J-O-B if you want to be with me. Plus, no one will learn that you cant f*ck, if you cant attract a girl. It is real hard, if you are broke.

So, sadly I would have to go with bad in bed. But hopefully someone will educate.

How would you answer?