Friday, January 04, 2008

Too much information... Or not enough

by metropol21 of Flickr

We trip over our pasts, this is the problem with baggage. We trip over our lack of experience. We trip, we have loved to much and hurt a bit too often. These two romantic problems are humorous, if that is the correct word for it, in there own right. One, you have too much information, you are too familiar with the possible terrible outcomes because you have lived to many of them. With a lack of experience, you don't have anything to go on, thus everything can be scary.

You are either jaded or timid. This is the curse of baggage. Most of us have some, the key is to have a "manageable" amount. What the hell is a manageable amount? If you are not jaded or timid and single, the amount that you have is manageable.

To a manageable future... that will be the toast of the new year.